Marriage Proposal Ideas | 5 Ways To Amplify The Big Question

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready, choosing the best way to propose can really hold up the big question! Here’s a few ideas to get your engagement rolling.

When it comes to proposing it may be difficult to decide just how, where and when you’d like to do it. There are thousands of marriage proposal ideas floating around, but you only get to choose one! Before you decide on anything you should make sure your partner is on board with the engagement.

If you drop a few hints or even have a discussion about the future of your relationship, you should be able to tell if they’re ready for you to take a knee. Of course, you kind of need the ring! So, if you’ve already taken care of that, hoorah, half of the stress is behind you! The other half can be remedied by these few suggestions I’ve compiled while browsing around for proposal ideas!


How you ask the question is pretty important, but where you ask can make some of the greatest memories. Chances are, you and your special someone have some great memories that you love to relive every now and then. Try to choose a place that speaks to those memories. For instance, one wedding proposal idea is to take your date back to the location where you met. May it be your college library, a fancy restaurant or as simple as the side of a street, the location will entice happy memories (usually) and will be a story your partner will love to share for years to come.

You don’t have to choose a place you’ve already been though! In fact, you can always pick a romantic getaway for the two of you to enjoy. You may also want to keep it a little simple by spending a romantic afternoon on a row boat, sharing a picnic or going to a play.

Coworkers document the couple’s special moment!

Memory persevered; hard hats and all.

Extravagance isn’t always the best choice, so make sure you think out a meaningful location. These city planners are avid public transit users, so proposing in a subway tunnel with friends nearby makes sense!

Involve the Senses

We tend to tie our memories to the five senses, so utilize them in your proposal. It’s easier than it sounds—almost anything you plan will work with some of the senses. One wedding proposal idea is to hire a string quartet (or a good band) to play near where you propose. The beautiful sounds will help it feel all the more magical and special.

Food is another great way to entice the senses (sight, smell and taste!). If the two of you have a favorite place to eat, try to get the restaurant to work with you for an extra special proposal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a greasy spoon or a five star restaurant, just make sure the meal feels natural so it’s a successful date. Then, when the time is right, propose! You may even ask the staff to bring out the ring in a glass of wine or on a dessert plate!

Get the pets involved

If your partner has a pet, you could try placing the ring on their collar. The adorable surprise will make an irresistible moment! Of course, not all animals will tolerate a ring. If you don’t trust the pet to not shake off a major purchase and leave it who knows where, try tying the ring to a bouquet of flowers. You can even customize them to show how long you’ve been together. This will give you a nice tradition for anniversaries!

Go BIG or go home

Attach your proposal to a song for an instant smile!

Love and music are a recipe for success.

Don’t limit yourself. You’ve probably seen the infamous billboard proposals in real life or on the big screen. It may feel like a bit much, but don’t feel shy about going this route if you think it’s what they would want. If you want to be a bit more creative, go to a show and bring the proposal into it somehow. It may take some time and money to work out the details, but it’ll be worth it when you see their face. If you know your partner will enjoy a public proposal, follow this couple’s lead.

Plan It Out

It goes without saying that you need to plan out your proposal, but have you thought about what you’re going to do after you pop the question? How about the time frame of your proposal? Or, if they’re even okay with you proposing in public? These things can be just as important as the way you propose so don’t disregard them when you plan!

If you’re planning out the timeline of your proposal you may want to consider popping the question sooner rather than later. This will take the pressure off you, and your nerves won’t make your future fiancé(e) feel uncomfortable or give away your plan. After you propose you should have some form of celebration planned, be it dinner, a movie or meeting with family. This will help keep the night magical!

Planning the route and then executing the 18 mile ride shows how much Murphy Mack put into his proposal plan.

The long ride to love.

Planning will always be the best way to ask!

Preserve the Memory

One of the best ways to step your proposal up a notch is to make sure you capture photographs or a video. You may want to enlist a friend or family member to do so, or you could hire a professional! When your soon-to-be-spouse sees the beautiful images of the special moment you shared, they’ll want to show them off to the world.

Popping the question can be a rewarding experience when you get past the stress. With these tips you should be able to come up with an extra special way to make sure the love of your life gets the proposal they’ll deserve!

This rodeo clown may look silly, but he knows what he’s doing.

This rodeo clown may look silly, but he knows what he’s doing.

Want even more tips that will help you propose or plan your wedding?

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