Majesty Diamonds’ Top 5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas.

1. Every woman needs a pair of solitaire diamond studs in their lifetime so if she doesn’t already have a set, now would be the perfect time to get her one. If she already owns diamond studs but has outgrown them you can surprise her with an upgrade. This pair of Solitaire Round Diamond Stud Earrings in white gold is absolutely magnificent. Designed to spark and inspire the imagination, they are definitely known for turning a few heads. These 1/2 CTW Solitaire Round Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K white gold have screw backings so she won’t lose them. Each round-cut diamond has an F-G color rating and SI1-SI2 clarity. Total carat weight: 0.50.These remarkable diamond studs were featured on Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.47.54 AM

2. Has she been hinting that she wants a diamond band? Why not surprise her with one this Valentine’s Day? This option is great for the partner that wants to spend under $300. This delicate Semi-Eternity style suits all engagement rings and can be worn on its own. The 1/8 CTW Round Diamond Semi-Eternity Wedding Anniversary Band Ring in 14K white gold features nineteen vivacious round-cut diamonds with an F-G color rating and SI1-SI2 clarity will have her gleaming with joy! Total carat weight of the ring is 0.12.This beautiful diamond semi-eternity wedding anniversary band was featured on! Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.52.26 AM

3. Whether it’s for the boardroom or a dinner party, adding a stylish diamond necklace to your attire is the quickest way to upgrade your overall look. A diamond necklace is a staple piece of jewelry for all women, so why not present your sweetheart with one this Valentine’s Day? This stunning 3/8 CTW round cut diamond infinity solitaire necklace is a timeless piece that will outlast any jewelry trends and keep her looking fashionable and sophisticated wherever she goes. The round cut diamond necklace comes with six exquisite stones and has a very good 0.36 CTW. The necklace comes in polished 14K white gold with a 16 inch chain included.Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 10.39.44 AM

4. What woman wouldn’t want to be decked out in a ravishing ruby red diamond cocktail ring? This valentine’s day, give her a gift that will sweep her off her feet and have her looking fashionably in love for years to come. With its eye-catching ruby gemstone and shimmering white accent diamonds, this cocktail ring is an attention grabber! The ruby gemstone has a triple AAA clarity, and a total carat weight of 3.57.Each round-cut diamond has an G-H color rating and SI1-SI2 clarity.Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.09.31 AM

5. Want something substantial yet inexpensive? Opt for black diamond stud earrings. At a fraction of the cost of white diamonds, black diamonds still hold prestige amongst all women. If your partner loves big diamonds, this is definitely the route for you. Don’t fear getting something a bit different! Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City rocked a black diamond engagement ring and women all over the world swooned over it. Studs are also a great option if you don’t know her ring size or recently just started dating. This pair of 1 ½ CTW round black solitaire diamond earrings comes with two black diamonds, prong-set in 14K white gold. Secure screw backings make them fit for any occasion, and the diamonds have triple AAA clarity ratings. These stunning black diamond stud earrings were featured on! Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.18.51 AM

The Starbucks holiday cup. It’s just a cup, is it not?


As a Starbucks customer, do you look forward to their holiday designed cup? Does it add a touch of seasonal joy to your morning, having a Christmas themed coffee cup for your commute to work? Has the fact that Starbucks released a stark red cup this year made you question your loyalty to the company? Do you see this as a sign that Starbucks is anti-Christmas? Or do you not care? It is, after all, just a cup.

In previous years, Starbucks has always released a line of Christmas cups emblazoned in traditional holiday imagery from the likes of reindeer to ornate snowflakes. This year, Starbucks decided to change it up a bit and design a cup that welcomed customers to doodle their own holiday designs. From a marketing perspective, the new cups would engage their customers more – a fun way for the customers to interact with their product. We don’t imagine the marketing strategy was to alienate or enrage a chunk of their clientele. When they designed the new cup, we don’t imagine they did so with the belief that it would stir up so much anger and controversy within the media. I mean, it’s just a cup after all…

We’d like to think that people will continue to take pleasure from their morning coffee or tea latte, no matter what the design of the cup is.

What do you think about all the media fuss? We’d love to hear your comments below!

A Wedding Dress For Every Body Type.

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, most women start their search by looking for dresses that they find visually appealing. Finding a dress that you love, sadly is not the only thing you should factor in when purchasing your wedding dress. Besides being your dream dress, it should also compliment your figure. The fact is, certain dresses flatter certain body types, and on your special day you should be flaunting a dress that enhances your natural figure. Depending on your figure – apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle, we’re going to suggest some dress styles that should flatter your every curve – or lack thereof.


Apple Body Type:

Apples tend to have broader shoulders, a fuller bust, and more slender thighs and bottom – with a less defined waist. An Apple may also be a split size; having their bust and waist a different size then their hips. For what not to wear, the Trumpet dress should be avoided for all apples. This cut of dress flares from the knee toward the hem in a trumpet shape. If you are already curvy up top, you are not going to want a dress that emphasizes a less defined waist. For this same reason, avoid the Mermaid or Column type dresses. In terms of body shape, shopping for the apple body can prove to be quite difficult – but not impossible! For what to wear, Empire waists are an apple’s best friend. Always choose a gown that adds definition to your waist. Look for a style that cinches in your waist, creating a more balanced look. Necklines are also something to consider, as a plunging V neck or Sweetheart neckline will draw the eye up.

Pear Body Type:

Pear shaped women tend to have larger hips, thighs and bottoms, but their upper body is usually quite small. A pear shape bride may be a split size, meaning that their bust, hips and possibly even waist, are all different sizes. For what not to wear, if you are drawn to the idea of wearing a column dress for your special day but you are the classic pear shape, you may want to reconsider. If you have a pronounced bottom, wearing a column dress will draw attention to your bottom half – with the silhouette of this dress making you appear unbalanced. For what to wear, we recommend that pears don the A-Line style of gown. As the name suggests, the cut of this dress is narrow at the top and extends out into the shape of an ‘A’. This cut is super flattering for nearly all body types, but especially for pears – as this dress accentuates the top and waist, and billows away from the bottom. Other dress styles to consider are: Dropped Wait and Ball Gowns.

Hourglass Body Type:

Hourglass women will have a bust and hip that has the same or almost the same measurement, with a waist that is smaller. So for example, 36, 26, 36. This means, your size doesn’t matter. A size 8 and a size 16 bride can both be considered to have an hourglass figure. For what not to wear, although this is one of the easier figures to shop for, there are still some things you may want to consider when shopping for this body type. In terms of least flattering dresses, the Column style dress takes the cake – as this style is best fitted on a sleek figure. Some hourglass women prefer to downplay their curves – namely, their hipline – and if this is the case, then forgo the Mermaid or Trumpet style as well. For what to wear, Hourglass women should always be on the lookout for a dress that flatters their curves. The Mermaid or Trumpet are fabulous choices when you want to show off your curves, and the ruching at the waist will emphasize your narrowest asset. If you are looking to downplay what nature has given you, then going with a Ball Gown style or A-Line cut will also be an excellent choice.

Rectangle Body Type:

The Rectangle aka Banana shape can be defined as long and slender – a “boyish” figure or athletic build. Although the Rectangle body typically has a balanced upper and lower body, they can often times have a less defined waist. For what not to wear, the Drop Waist is not the most flattering cut for rectangles, as this dress will make you look less curvy than you are. With a less defined waist as the other body types, you are going to want a dress that creates more curves, not downplay the little curvage that you do have. For what to wear, Fit and Flare styles are the ideal cut for a rectangle body type, as this style of dress will add volume to your bust and your hips. Scoop necks and Sweetheart necklines are also great options for smaller busted women. And of all the body types, rectangles look best in the Column style wedding dress. Ball Gowns are also exceptional choices for your sleek body type.

The Versatile Halo Ring

What is a Halo ring?

For those who are not familiar with the halo ring, the halo ring is a setting that encircles a center stone in a collection of round pavé diamonds. The benefit of these pavé stones is that they add more shimmer to the ring, accentuating the center stone. The ornate nature of the halo ring makes any center diamond look larger than it actually is – with even a half-carat diamond looking as much as a half a carat bigger. When you want people to notice your ring, go with a halo ring. This is why the halo ring appeals to both celebrities and average consumers alike. Who doesn’t want their center stone to look bigger?

DOUBLE-HALO-CUSHION-WHITE-W-1-1600PX-PThe Versatile Styles

Due to its big diamond appearance, and stylish nature, the halo ring is a close runner up to the classic solitaire as the most coveted style of engagement ring. With a halo ring, your options for customizing and personalizing are endless. The most popular style for the halo ring is a big diamond setting, with a single halo of pavé stones supported by a plain white gold band. If you are seeking  a more ornate look, you can choose to pavé the shank as well. You can also opt for a double halo ring or triple halo ring for that more bling look. Although white gold is the preferred choice for halo rings, the rings are also available in yellow gold and rose gold. And with colored diamonds increasing in popularity, a colored diamond paired with a rose gold shank can make for a very special and eye-catching engagement ring. This is what makes the halo ring so versatile – you can find a ring with any size or color of stone, any style of shank, and any color of gold.

HR6196-ROUND-WHITE-W-1-800PXCustom Options

With most jewelers offering custom jewelry services, you can opt to design your own halo ring – getting the exact design and look that you want. With such a versatile ring, you will be hard pressed not to find a halo ring that suits your needs and budget. At Majesty Diamonds, custom jewelry is one of our top sellers – we’ve served over 25,000 happy customers. We custom make rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. We would be thrilled to custom design your halo engagement ring. For more information on our custom jewelry services,