7 Must Have Jewelry Staples | What Needs to be in Your Jewelry Box

Must Have Jewelry

We all want to look our best at all times—and part of that is having those special, must have jewelry items. But determining which pieces to buy without breaking the bank can be a challenge. Buying jewelry staples will help you get the most bling out of every dollar you spend. That’s why we compiled a list of what to make sure is in your jewelry box.

Go with the diamond stud earrings

Stud earrings

You can take these stud earrings anywhere–they will never disappoint

Diamond studs go with everything. They look great at a formal and are never too fancy for a casual night out. White diamonds will compliment any color while speciality shades like canary yellow can go with other warn colors or contrast with something cooler.

The perfect diamond necklace

Diamond Necklace | Majesty Diamonds

This diamond necklace would make an elegant addition to your jewelry box

Choosing a necklace with a stunning diamond pendant can be just what you need! Dress up your ensemble with something that will shine. Try a modern design to grab attention or keep things understated with something more traditional.

Show me the pearls

Pearls | Majesty Diamonds

Wear pearls to step up your ensemble

Having a few pearl items to wear for special occasions is always a good idea. Peals have that highbrow appeal that says I am a refined person. Wear pearl on pearl, or mix and match. Try pearl earrings with a tennis bracelet. Go with the pearl necklace and your diamond studs. Pair pearl and black diamond for a great contrast.

Have some hoops

Hoop Earrings | Majesty Diamonds

These hoops look great and feel great too!

Hoop earrings come in all sizes and styles so literally anyone can find a pair that looks great. They are a step in the fancy direction from plain studs, but depending on the style they can say a lot of different things. Your hoops may be demure, sophisticated or fun.

A tasty cocktail ring

Cocktail Ring | Majesty Diamonds

This cocktail ring is ready to have some fun

A great cocktail ring is a must have for the dance floor. Wear it each Friday as you head out for fun or pull it out only for special occasion. Find a style and color that really pop, but be careful to avoid anything that is too gaudy.

Something silver

Silver necklace | Majesty Diamonds

Wear this necklace with no worries

Silver is the perfect option for a lazy day at the beach or to spruce up your traveling clothes. With a great look and durability, silver jewelry has the same aesthetic value as white gold without the price tag. Be at ease leaving it in your tote bag while you swim knowing if someone runs off with it you’ll just have an excuse to get something new.

The right bracelet

Bracelet | Majesty Diamonds

This bracelet is just the touch you need to give your ensemble a look of completion

Our list of must have jewelry wouldn’t be complete without something to hang around your wrist. A great bracelet can give your outfit a finished look. Whether you go with a diamond tennis bracelet or a dainty piece with elegant metal work, you may find that it doesn’t actually end up spending any time in your jewelry box.

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