To Her from Her: Trends in Same Sex Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

With an increasing number of US states legalizing same-sex nuptials, and the historic same-sex rulings last week, the sacred institution of marriage, and the traditional wedding bridal industry is undergoing a makeover. Traditional wedding customs are being challenged and several elements of traditional wedding rituals are changing; churches are being replaced by exotic beach destinations, priests are being replaced by ‘legal notaries’, the white dresses are getting sexier, new styles of same sex engagement rings and wedding bands are leaning away from the classic solitaire.  In Canada, eight years after gay marriage was legalized across the country, the same-sex wedding business has ballooned to over half-a-billion dollars annually!

As the typical wedding band/engagement ring formula is not necessarily applicable for same-sex couples, this new style of marriage is posing an exciting opportunity for the jewelry industry.


Black Diamond Engagement Rings from offer the perfect combination of a traditional ring, with a non-traditional center stone.

“They really want to find something that’s atypical. The gay community—they’re really trendsetters, they’re early adopters.” commented Rony Tennenbaum, a New York based jewelry designer, focusing on same-sex wedding market.

A great majority of same-sex couples are sticking to the ceremonial wedding ring, however a difference can be found in engagement rings. Female couples often adopt same sex engagement rings, however their male counterparts bypass the engagement ring- and are known to fancy matching wedding bands.  In a further break with tradition, some couples opt for truly unique designs, at we’ve custom-made several hers-and-hers engagement rings set with a large black diamonds, or sometimes rings of the same style, set with the birthstone of their partner.

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Some same-sex couples opt for engagement rings featuring the birthstone of their partner — Sapphire is the birthstone for September

In general, customized bridal  jewelry is becoming increasingly popular and same-sex couples are a part of the trend. A common template for a customized same-sex wedding ring is a multi-colored 6 gem ring- each gem depicting a color of the gay pride rainbow. The ‘freedom ring’ design was originally created by David Spada and has since found its way to the wedding aisle.


Majesty Diamonds is pleased to offer a selection of fine quality, men’s comfort fit wedding bands in 14K white gold.

“For male couples, usually I’ll make each of them a simple ring that’s like the engagement ring and then the wedding band,” he says. “I’ve done some female couples where both get diamond engagement rings and then wedding bands.” observed Phillip Crangin, a New York based jewelry designer.



Brides searching for an eye-catching, big look, are leaning towards engagement styles with many sparkling side stones…

With thousands of more same-sex couples expected to mark their vows in the coming months, the jewelry industry is embracing the arrival of a new market. Whether it’s customized, same-sex engagement rings and wedding bands, or the increasingly popular ‘commitment’ rings, bridal engagement vendors are prepared to fulfill the demands of a same-sex wedding with a modern touch.

Whatever you preference, is proud to offer unique engagement ring designs, not found anywhere else, in addition to a wide selection of classic, traditional styles that are available to budget-conscious shoppers, looking for something special.

Big Carat Weights.  Beautiful Diamond Jewelry.  Affordable Prices.

Learn more about our featured image.


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