Engagement stories | Caitlyn and Justin from New Brunswick

We like to highlight engagement stories from our customers whenever we can because you guys are what makes us tick. That’s why we were thrilled when our customer, Caitlyn, contacted us last October to tell us the story of her engagement. Caitlyn’s boyfriend, Justin, proposed using a Majesty Diamond black diamond engagement ring on October 4th 2013—a few days before their 4th anniversary.

Engagement story | Caitlyn and Justin

Engagement story | Caitlyn and Justin

“Justin got down on one knee at a lookout during sunset and opened a ring box to show me a black diamond engagement ring I never thought I would ever own. This is the ring of my dreams!”

Justin knew he wanted to propose ever since an incident when Caitlyn burnt her leg. “I was trying to make her feel better and we were on the couch and she kept snuggling closer and closer and I knew that’s all I wanted to do was always take care of her and provide for her. That’s when I knew I wanted to marry her.”

Caitlyn found a black diamond engagement ring she loved on Beyond the Rack and posted it to her Pinterest. Justin had been looking all over New Brunswick for a black diamond ring that wouldn’t break the bank. He saw her link on Pinterest and ordered the ring right away.  “It was a very easy transaction. I was very surprised at how fast the ring arrived here!”

Engagement story | Caitlyn and Justin

Engagement story | Caitlyn and Justin

Justin was so good at keeping his plans a secret, he actually had to push the proposal back a few days. “He asked me (on Tuesday) if I wanted to go for a walk at our local cove where we had our first date. I said no I had kickboxing and I never miss class. He tried to talk me into skipping kickboxing but I can be pretty stubborn. He definitely knows what he’s getting into with me. He proposed the following Friday at the cove.” The following day the couple posed for engagement photos with their friend and professional photographer, Jillian Theriault.

We are suckers for engagement stories with just a touch of something bittersweet. This story caught our attention because Justin proposed only a few weeks before leaving for a six-month professional training in Saskatchewan—over half a continent away! Last time we emailed them, Justin had finished his training and been assigned to a post in Alberta.  “Justin living out of province for 6 months has been torture. Before he left we saw each other pretty much every day. We are both so thankful for the technology available today. There would be a few days with no phone calls because of his hectic schedule and the time difference but a few texts throughout the day really helped us get through it.”

Meanwhile, Caitlyn had been promoted in her job back in New Brunswick—but was looking for something out west so they could be closer. She currently has plans to move within the month.

Engagement story | Caitlyn and Justin

Engagement story | Caitlyn and Justin

“I am now Senior Therapist at an Autism intervention centre. I have been working there for close to four years as an Autism support worker and was just recently promoted. I can honestly say I love my job. It’s such a rewarding experience and I have learned so much in the past four years. It’s going to be so hard leaving the kids I work with behind. I hope to find work in Alberta doing the same thing. If I can’t find a job doing what I’m doing now I will probably try to get work in the school system with kids on the autism spectrum.”

Justin and Caitlyn are busy planning for their wedding which is set to take place in late October. The venue is a local theatre built in the 1950’s which they will decorate in fall colors. “We both come from huge extended families so there will be a lot of loved ones there. Some traveling from across Canada and a couple from the US.”

They haven’t selected wedding bands yet but, “One thing we’re sure of is that we will be getting them from Majesty Diamonds.”

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