Have a green wedding: our favorite eco-friendly wedding ideas

Taking care of the planet takes everyone doing their part—and that looks different for everyone. We like the idea of doing what you can to make the world a better place and wanted to see what other people are doing with their eco-friendly weddings. So, of course, we went on over to weddingbells.ca to have a look in their Real Weddings section—and we were happy with what we found.

Right in our own back yard, Montrealers Gwylan Goddard and Michael Vallance tied the knot in an eco-friendly way back in 2012. They used tableware and furniture found from local garage sales and flea markets and held the event in the Laurentian Mountains, one of the best nature spots in Quebec. They also did tons of DIY. According to Gwylan, “Our friends saved their baby food jars for months so we could use them for tea light candles.”

But the best part about this wedding is the photos that prove eco-friendly can be fashionable and interesting. Check them out now!

Reading about Gwylan and Michael’s wedding made us wonder about practical tips that future brides and grooms can use to plan their weddings. Here are a few fast and dirty tips:

  1. Choose an eco-friendly location. A park or a farm can be great option. Think about places that don’t use too much water or electricity. If outdoors will give you an ulcer worrying about rain, choose a hotel that is doing their part to reduce consumption at GreenHotels.com
  2. Buy VeriFlora-certified flowers and try to source them locally. That way you will know they aren’t doused in chemicals. You could also use potted flowers as reception centerpieces or make the flowers yourself out of recycled paper. Check out Paper-Source.com for ideas.
  3. Donate cash to a charity instead of doing favors. Everyone is going to throw your favors in the bin. It’s a fact of life. Why bother? Use the money you would spend on favors and donate it to Greenpeace or the organisation of your choice.

Like these ideas? We got them from The Knot. Check out their article for even more ideas. What are your eco-friendly wedding ideas? Have pictures of your eco-friendly wedding? We would love to see them! Send them to us at info@majestydiamonds.com.

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