Marriage Proposal Photography | Capture The Moment With Ease

Marriage proposal photography has been a huge trend this year, but how on Earth do you actually manage to do it while you’re on one knee? Here’s the scoop!

Planning a proposal is pretty stressful on its own, add the need to capture this life-changer on film and your stress could reach a new level.

Don’t amp up your stress level yet! I have a few tips that may make this whole photographing the biggest-moment-of-your-life-thing the easiest part of your day.

Going Solo

If you plan on being your own personal photographer then you may be spending a lot of time working on your technique before the big day. There’s a few things you should consider before you commit to your plan though.

First and foremost, where can you set up a camera without having to worry about it being damaged or stolen? This may limit your choices to personal places, like the home. This method of doing things will also have to involve a lot more planning as you’ll have to set up hidden markers to let you know where you should both be standing (think twigs, a coin, a golf ball).

You should also run several test shots to see if the location is good with lighting and if you’ll be able to see both of you in the shot. When you figure out where you’re going to set up, you should also think about dogs, toddlers, clumsy humans or pesky raccoons that may interfere with your hidden camera agenda.

If it’s not going to be safe, or the proposal isn’t going to happen soon after setting up then it may be time to move on to plan B.

Your other option, which may not work if you’re already nervous, is to be sneaky. Tell your partner you want to try out a new camera/lens/accessory. When you’ve set up the shot, use a remote control to capture every special second of your proposal.

Ask A Friend/Family Member

So, if you want to make your marriage proposal photography amazing and you’re on a budget then asking someone you know you can trust to help out may be your best option. Amateur photographers in the family or inner circle are great choices, but if that’s not an option then you can always pass on this handy guide to your lucky photographer!

When going about the photography session like this you can have a lot more control over how you propose and how the photographer will come into the picture. For instance, you can easily make it a family event by… well by doing this:

You can also keep it on the traditional side by taking the photographer out to your proposal destination to run few tests before the big moment. This is probably the least stressful way to do it as you won’t have to worry about something not working and you’ll know the photographer will be out of sight until the final moments when your partner will pretty much be in diamond bliss.

Of course, you should keep in mind to test out the flash, check the batteries, make sure there’s plenty of space on your SD card and all those little details that could make your photo session a disaster. This is also probably the time to see if your photographer is going to need to find a hiding place.

Open fields are probably the worst for keeping a proposal discreet, so get with your designated photographer and improvise if needed. Some professionals have been known to hide in trash cans to get the job done, so think out of the box if you have to.

The best camo is right under your nose.

Photographers do what needs to be done.

Finally, you should also consider if you want to bring some props along for the photos. For instance, a cute sign for engagement announcements later on would be a special touch because you won’t be able to capture the sheer happiness of the moment at a later date. You may also consider tissues, a bottle of water, or make up removal wipes just in case there is quite a bit of crying.

Hire A Pro

If you want a no hassle way of approaching your marriage proposal photography then hire a professional. You’ll get good quality images, a bit of creative insight and you won’t have to worry about the images being blurry or of a squirrel that just happened to do something cute while you were busy asking the biggest question of your life.

Of course, professionals come with their price tags so make sure to ask about previous experience with proposals and check out their portfolio before you swipe your credit card.

Proposing is going to be nerve racking, but you’ll be so grateful you planned out pictures beforehand. Your future spouse will love telling friends and family the story of your engagement through the pictures and it will be a memory the two of you can look back on when your grandchildren (if you so choose) ask you for the millionth time to tell your engagement story.

Want even more tips on how to propose with class?

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