Wedding Plan Checklist | Crafting the Rain Plan

Rainy wedding days are a blessing; however, if you don’t have a plan, your day of bliss can transform into a nightmare. Here’s some must have checklist items!

Make the Plan

No one wants to believe it’s going to rain on their wedding day, and in most cases it doesn’t. However you should always consider that you’re going to be the one that ends up drenched while you direct screaming flower girls into the reception hall.

Rather than let the rain take you by surprise, act as if it is a really annoying guest that refuses to RSVP. This will actually make things a whole lot easier! First off on your wedding plan checklist, you should include your rain plan on your invitations. This is especially important for outdoor weddings.

If you have a backup location then include it on the invitation, if not then you may add in a message asking guests to bring an umbrella in case of showers. You could also ask guests to include cell phone numbers on their RSVP, so you can mass text everyone if there is a change of plans regarding a ceremony or reception venue.

With everyone clued in before the ceremony begins you won’t have to worry about unhappy guests or people wondering into the chapel while you’re in the middle of confessing your undying love. You should also keep the companies you’re working with up to speed on any changes you make. Don’t stress too much about these guys though as they’re professionals and have probably seen it all!

And it started out as such a beautiful day!

Sometimes a backup venue is a must.


If there’s one amazing thing that rain brings to the table, it’s definitely the adorable accessories! Keep an eye on the weather a week or two ahead of the big day just to make sure there’s no rain headed your way.

If there is then it’s time to take the wedding party out for some more shopping before the big day. There’s a lot of ways you can counteract the rain, so think a little out of the box if you have to. One classic and adorable wedding idea is to pick out colorful Wellies.

You can choose colors that suit your wedding theme or go all out with fun matching styles. You may even be able to get them monogrammed before the big day. With the Wellies, you may also want to choose some cute umbrellas. If you can find a matching umbrella and Wellies combo then you’re on the right track.

You should also think of coverage for the ceremony. Perhaps find a chuppah that offers coverage or even a decorative tarp (or similar product) that looks great while protecting you from the rain. You can also ask your wedding party to hold those fun umbrellas over you while you go through the motions of the ceremony.

While you’re browsing around keep your guests in mind, as you may want to provide every seat (or every other seat) an umbrella to help keep them dry too. Finally, use the rain to your advantage with adorable signs telling the rain to go away, or thanking it for its blessing!

A moment that won’t be forgotten.

Everyone loves a kiss in the rain.


One of the biggest issues with it raining cats and dogs while you’re supposed to look your best is the makeup aspect. How are you going to avoid looking like a raccoon before you even get to walk down the aisle? If you feel your stomach sink every time you think of your makeup job then have no fear, there’s a solution that should be immediately added to your wedding plan checklist.

To begin with, you should always prime your skin before the makeup goes on. It’ll help the makeup last while also keeping it in place as the moisture begins to take over your day. You should also ask the makeup artist for long lasting and water resistant products, which usually isn’t a problem. A lot of makeup artists choose to use airbrushing anyway, which is already a step in the right direction.

You should also make sure your artist uses a blot powder to seal the makeup. Of course, if you’re looking for that extra layer of protection you can also get a sealing spray that will keep your face ready to go for the rest of the day.

If you’re still a bit on the fence about rain and your makeup then see if your cosmetic artist can stay late. You should also carry tissues and extra makeup with you. The best way to avoid ruining the hard work is to get any water off your face as soon as possible. This is the case on any wedding day though as you know you’re going to tear up!

The Photographer

If you’ve hired a professional photographer then chances are you won’t have to worry too much about what’s going on with your wedding photos. However, it never hurts bringing your own ideas into the picture.

When it comes to a wedding plan checklist you should always consider how the poses are going to affect your wedding attire. No one wants to walk into the reception looking like they just went mudding and forgot to roll the windows up, right?

So, make sure you have some towels to wipe down anything you choose to sit on. Carrying an umbrella or two is also a pretty good idea, especially if the rain isn’t going to let up any time soon. You might also want to pack some cute signs that draw attention to the rain and make it look like the weather was planned.

When you’re making out your rain plan you may also consider some ideas as to places you can take pictures that will be dry. For instance, if your venue is on the rustic side maybe there’s a lovely barn or if you’re getting hitched outdoors there may be a cute gazebo.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace the rain though. There are some amazing wedding photos taken that show off how romantic rain can be. You may even consider reenacting scenes from your favorite romance movies that had an iconic rainy kiss.

Of course, if you’re still not keen on the whole rainy day photos idea then be flexible. You may consider doing a first look prior to the ceremony, or allowing the photographer to steal you during the reception or cocktail hour. No matter how you choose to approach the photography, remember to smile as bright as the rainbow that will mark your wedding day!

Rain can’t be anything but a blessing with this view.

All the rain precautions are worth the rainbow.

Having a rain plan for your wedding day is an absolute must no matter what season you plan your wedding in. This wedding plan checklist will ensure your wedding looks entirely natural and will provide you with a unique experience everyone will want to talk about.

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