Beautiful large diamonds: recent record-breaking diamond sales

Big Carat Weights, Beautiful Diamond Jewelry, Affordable Prices — this is the mantra.  Even though we work with big, beautiful large diamonds every day, from time to time there are large diamonds that come to market, at not-so-affordable prices, that make even jewelers like us stand up and take notice.

Private, fine, collection, international, luxury, rough stones, flawless- sounds like the script of a James Bond movie, right?  These were the words used to describe several high-end diamond purchases that took place in the past couple months. In an era where private business jets, Manhattan penthouses and yachts on the French Riviera are synonymous with luxury and status, private collectors around the world are paying top price to get their hands on some of the world’s most precious jewels.


Large Diamonds, Fancy Intense Pink Cushion Cut Princie Diamond

Side-angle image of the record-breaking Princie Diamond, sold at Christie’s New York in April 2013.

In mid-April, an anonymous buyer raised his or her paddle at Christie’s New York, and paid $39.3 Million for the famed Princie Diamond, a 34.65 ct Cushion cut, Fancy Intense Pink stone.

Large Diamonds, 74.79 Carat D-Color White Pear Shaped Diamond

74.79 Carat D-Color White Pear Shaped Diamond, sold at Sotheby’s New York in April 2013.

The Princie was not the only large diamond that garnered media attention recently, a day after that sale, Sotheby’s New York auctioned off a stunning 74.79 Carat, Pear-shaped, D-color White diamond for $14.4 Million – surpassing pre-sale estimates of $9 to $12 Million.  The sale of the exclusive white diamond helped set a Sotheby’s record for a spring jewelry auction- bringing in close to $53.5 Million in the day long event.

Large Diamonds, Winston Legacy 101.73 Carat, D-Flawless, Pear Cut Diamond

The Winston Legacy, a 101.73 Carat, D-Flawless, Pear Cut Diamond, sold at Christie’s Geneva in May 2013.

Last month, Christie’s Geneva auctioned a remarkable 101.73 Carat, D-Flawless, Pear-shaped diamond, that took nearly 2 years to cut and polish.  Harry Winston, the famed New York based jewelry house, purchased the awe-inspiring loose stone for $26.7 Million and named it the “Winston Legacy.”

Large Diamonds, Archduke Joseph 78.54 Carat, D-Internally Flawless, Cushion cut Diamond

The Archduke Joseph, a 78.54 Carat, D-Internally Flawless, Cushion cut Diamond, sold at Christie’s Geneva in May 2012.

Christie’s in Geneva is no stranger to large diamonds of this caliber, in November 2012 the auction house set a record for a colorless diamond sale when the Archduke Joseph diamond, crossed the block for $21Million.  At 78.54 Carats, this Cushion cut, D-Internally Flawless diamond, the Archduke Joseph is well-deserving of it’s spot in the record books.

Large Diamonds, Vintage Bulgari Ring featuring a 5.30 Carat Fancy Deep Blue center diamond

Custom diamond ring made by Bulgari, featuring a 5.30 Carat Fancy Deep Blue center diamond, sold at Bonham’s of London in April 2013.

Rounding out the remarkable stones sold at auction during the Spring 2013 season, Bonham’s of London, sold an extremely rare 5.30 Carat, Cushion-cut, Fancy Deep Blue diamond at their Fine Jewelry Sale, in April of this year.  Originally fashioned by Bulgari in a “Trombino” setting, in 1965, this gorgeous stone is enveloped by Pave-set, brilliant white diamonds, and two rows Channel-set white baguette diamonds.  Selling for the equivalent of $9.6 Million, this dazzler is now have the pride of being the Top Selling blue diamond, ever.

For those of us who want to enjoy diamond luxury without the hefty price, you can look the part for a fraction of the cost.  Shop Majesty Diamonds for unique, one-off pieces like this show-stopping Pear-cut, Black and White Diamond Engagement Cocktail Ring, that features a 7.11 Carat Black Diamond.

Large Diamonds, Fancy Pear Cut Black And White Diamond Engagement Ring

7 3/8 CTW Pear Cut Black and White Diamond Fashion Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Classic princess cut diamonds, lavish diamond earrings, eye-catching solitaire diamond rings can all be found for competitive prices online.  Save the $38 Million for your private jet, Majesty’s got the rest covered.

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