Wedding in the Snow | Our 7 Favorite Snowy Weddings

February has been more frostbitten than normal in many areas of the world, which is why we wanted to feature the wedding in the snow concept—here are our favorites!

Everywhere you look it seems people are talking about this year’s snowstorms; however, no one seems to be talking about what couples plan to do if they had their weddings scheduled during these can’t-seem-to-muster-the-courage-to-put-my-feet-on-the-cold-floor days.

Lots of couples out there that are changing their spring inspired ideas into a wintery wonderland, which is totally fine by me because they look out of this world! Here’s 7 couples who made the wedding in the snow concept look like a walk in the park (well you know, on a nice day).


Snowy Wedding in the Beautiful Colorado Mountains

Photo credit: Brant Smith Photography

The wintery weather is no stranger to Colorado so it’s no surprise these newlyweds, featured in Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, had a pretty solid idea when it came to their wedding planning. This wedding in the snow really takes the cake though as the couple combined the beauty of the snow and mountains with a rustic outdoorsy feel that immediately brings warmth into the pictures.

These lovebirds really took the game up a notch when they provided hand warmers for their guests, but the real cake topper was the shawl that complemented the bride’s dress perfectly. These planning geniuses weren’t finished rolling out the magic with their wedding though! Inside, guests roasted marshmallows over an open fire and enjoyed glittery snowflake décor.

Photo credit: Brant Smith Photography.

Hampton Manor Snowy Spring


Photo credit: Anna Clarke Photography

This couple’s Hampton Manor wedding, which made Rock My Wedding, was another piece of wintery expertise. Someday, I wish to see a wedding as well orchestrated as this beauty.

Bride and groom made their way to the chapel in Wellies, rather than traditional foot attire which really adds a level of charm like no other. I also adored the bride’s knit sweater shawl which photographed perfectly with the snow that seemed to bury her to her knees at times.

The bride’s wintery bouquet was also another amazing highlight that can’t be overlooked. Rather than matching flowers to her wedding gown, she managed to create a unique icy bouquet using metallic detailing.

Inside the reception hall the couple didn’t go with cliché wintery themes, but rather brought in quaint English tea pots to warm their guests as they shared toasts and laughs on the dance floor.

Photo credit: Anna Clarke Photography.

Snowy Castle Wedding

Photo Credit: Sassy Mouth Photography

Okay, it’s hard not to fall in love with anything that’s set in a castle, but this wedding, covered by Pretty Pear Bride, did really go above and beyond! There’s a lot of beautiful elements to be seen here, but my personal favorite is the bride’s bouquet. What an amazing choice of color! You really get the full effect of her color choices when she steps outside for some photos in the snow and her bouquet can’t help but pop. Not to mention, it’s not something you’re going to see with many bridal photos as a lot of snowy weddings tend to stick with blues and whites or they go straight for the entrancing red.

I also loved that the flower choice was brought into the couple’s cake and cupcake assortment. It made an already beautiful wedding look out of this world.

Photo Credit: Sassy Mouth Photography.

Snowy NYC Wedding


Photo credit: Sasha Felix Photography

This wedding, found on Glamour and Grace, Every detail of this bride’s attire seemed to scream wedding in the snow, which was absolutely adorable. The thing I really loved about this couple’s planning is their choice to make it all very modern and kind of casual.

There’s a great photo of the two of them standing outside of a taxi staring at one another like they’re about to start the snowball fight of the century. I loved how the bride photographed in her boots as well. Not that I expect someone to play in the snow in heels, but it seemed as if the boots suited her personality to a tee. Even the wedding gown and gorgeous earrings seem to feel like they were born of delicate snowflakes!

Photo credit: Sasha Felix Photography.

Flurries at New York Mansion Wedding


Photo credit: Dreamlife Photos and Videos (New York)

Mansions tend to be some of the more beautiful places to host a wedding celebration, like this one featured in Dreamlife’s blog, but it’s not every day that you get to marry while the fresh snow falls! The wintery décor of this wedding is really majestic, while still bringing you that Christmas morning feeling that you might not have felt since childhood.

Of course, the highlight is definitely the couple’s photos in the snow. The bride and groom really stand out in each photo and you can feel the chemistry between them at first glance.

The crimson bouquet was a perfect choice and really adds contrast to the black and white color scheme of the wedding party. If you plan on doing a photo shoot out in the fresh powder then this is probably the way to go!

Photo credit: Dreamlife Photos and Videos (New York).

Wintery Vintage Glam Wedding


Photo credit: Candi Coffman Photography

For a wintery wedding, there was a whole lot of color going on during this couple’s wedding covered by DIY Bride. I was really surprised as to how many amazing and unique items the couple had found for their attire and décor.

Now, before I gush on about the shoe selection, I’m going to have to direct my focus on the couple’s adorable photo shoot. For starters, they managed to get all of the bridesmaids outdoors for the best bridesmaid photo on the face of the Earth. The ladies were all huddled together in colorful blankets and had the biggest smiles on their faces.

I also loved the bride’s photos as she chose flowers that blended with the snow, but also had a colorful core which drew in the eye. There was a lot of décor that was totally amazing, but I loved the heartwarming idea of a hot cocoa and cider bar. Delicious!

Photo credit: Candi Coffman Photography.

Intimate Winter Wedding

Bringing in aspects of your life, such as hobbies and interests can turn a wedding, like this one from Artfully Wed, into something even more magical. I think this is what I like most about this couple’s wedding. You see them posing with their snowmobile, gearing up to go head to head in hockey and just snuggling with the dog. It’s amazing.

Of course, their fine winter attire also made things a little more eye catching. I especially loved the bride’s winter coat which was as beautiful and as white as the snow.

The floral choices for the photos was also outstanding as they used different reds and blues for an exciting look. The location they chose had a beautiful elopement feel while still presenting the elegant classic/traditional ceremony vibe.


February has been rough on social lives, morning commutes and even our heating bills but when it comes to a wedding in the snow, it’s brought us a lot to be thankful for. These weddings may serve as inspiration to those planning for next winter, or perhaps they’ll just be something fun to look at while the snow continues to pile up against your front door.

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