Citrine Jewelry | Learn About November’s Birthstone

November is finally here bringing with it the citrine birthstone! This stone brings out the natural beauty of the season with its brilliant color.

Citrine was once considered to be rare and was flaunted by the very wealthy. It was used by Egyptians to create artwork and played a major role in the lives of many royals. Even Hollywood used to make extravagant citrine jewelry for their leading ladies. However, the stone soon became abundant and the price dropped considerably. Today, many fashionistas have shrugged off the low cost of citrine jewelry and have used it to their advantage to make the most out of their wardrobe!

Citrine is often confused with topaz. In fact, you may hear it referred to as Brazilian topaz. Don’t let this fool you though because this stone is actually a member of quartz family. It is one of the few stones that is naturally yellow, which makes it pretty amazing in my book. It suits November and its awesome natural color scheme perfectly, which is why many November babies love to boast their citrine birthstones.

Feel the strength in your style with the citrine vibes.

These citrine earrings and bracelet that will bring power to you while at the office, making you look remarkable.

Many people claim that citrine is associated with success and good fortune, so you may want to consider wearing some citrine jewelry to the work place. Try these citrine stud earrings! Imagine pairing these with your favorite blazer and pencil skirt. If you’re looking for a business-casual accessory then this oval cut fashion bracelet will make all of your co-workers drool with envy.

Show off your trendy side even when you don’t want to dress up.

Earrings that will ward off negative energy while you enjoy a comfortable, casual style.

Citrine is also known to remove negative energy, which makes it a great stone to wear in your day-to-day life. Keep it casual with citrine jewelry like these floral motif studs that would look incredible with your favorite seasonal sweater. You could also consider these citrine dangle hoop earrings. They work wonders with a simple t-shirt and jeans!

You’ll feel like a star wearing these pieces.

Earrings, ring and necklace that look unforgettable with your dress-to-impress attire.

Finally, citrine is known to boost self-confidence which is a must have whenever you’re at a formal event. Just about any citrine design can be utilized here, but they’re especially beautiful when paired with 14K gold and diamond accents. A piece like this checkerboard-cut citrine drop pendant is perfect to wear with a gown that features dark colors. If you like to pair your look with gloves, nothing will make you stand out quite like this citrine cocktail ring. To finish off an updo style you may want to consider a pair of earrings as extravagant as these citrine and diamond dangle earrings.

The citrine birthstone is definitely a beauty to marvel at. If you weren’t lucky enough to be born in November, don’t worry. Citrine makes a great accessory for every day and it is also a traditional 13th anniversary gift! So if you appreciate citrine as much as the ancient Egyptians, add a few new pieces to your collection today! We’ll even help you out with a coupon code. Use “CITRINE” any time during the month of November and take 15% off any citrine items in your cart when you check out at Majesty Diamonds.

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