Honeymoon Packing | What to, and What Not to, Bring

Not enough wedding stress? It’s time to start on honeymoon packing. Here’s a quick look at what should and shouldn’t be in your luggage!

It’s hard to decide what you should add to your honeymoon packing list. There are endless possibilities, so it might seem like you should just to throw your entire wardrobe in as many bags as you can muster up. That’s a great idea if you’re looking to spend a small fortune checking bags and all your honeymoon transporting them. However, if you’re like the rest of us and would like to spend some time enjoying the honeymoon, then limiting your baggage is important. So what should you pack and what can you leave home?

Don’t keep your hands full of luggage.

Unless your honeymoon will last for 3 months, this is probably too much luggage.

What to take

Clothes are one of the most obvious things to toss in the suitcase, but a lot of us end up packing more than we need. The first thing you should consider before pulling anything out of your closet is what the weather is going to be like. Your best options are to pack a pair of jeans (swap for shorts if the weather permits) and a few t-shirts. Throw in a sweater for chilly nights and windy days. You should try to pick items that match one another though, so you feel like you have more to work with. This will get you through most of the events of the honeymoon without forcing you to feel uncomfortable.

Once you’ve picked out a few options (remember, you can do laundry just about anywhere) then choose a formal outfit for those nice evenings out. Two dresses max if your honeymoon is two weeks or less. Socks, underwear and a bathing suit are obvious must packs as well as a windbreaker (for rainy days). Once you’ve made your picks you should tightly roll the clothes in order to take up less space and keep them wrinkle free.

The basics for your honeymoon.

All the jewelry you need for your honeymoon.

Jewelry can also be important, especially if you’re looking to go out to some fancy restaurants. Try to keep it simple though! For instance, a diamond pendant necklace, stud earrings or tennis bracelet can work wonders without taking up a lot of space.

Remember to have somewhere special to store these items when you’re not wearing them though. For example, an empty glasses case will keep the items from getting lost while maintaining a discreet environment.

Rather than having your own suitcases, mix up some of your clothes with your partner so that if one of the bags goes missing, you will have some clothing to wear while you wait for it.

When it comes to traveling, clothes aren’t the only thing that will keep your honeymoon running smoothly. Make sure you pack soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other hygiene and personal items you may need in a sealed bag. They may seem to take up a lot of space, but it’s not cost effective to shop for these while you’re on your honeymoon (plus who wants to waste precious time looking for toothpaste).

If you can, try to find smaller bottles to put some of the items in. Travel sizes will also work wonders if you’re not planning on being gone too long. Apart from the basics you’ll also want to pack items like sunscreen, lip balm, Aloe Vera and bug spray. You may also want to bring a small first aid kit (complete with medicine for headache and diarrhea relief), just in case.

Start the next chapter on the wide open road.

Hit the open road (or skies) on your honeymoon.

There are also some other essentials that need to go on your honeymoon packing list. For instance, you should always have a copy of your itinerary, passports, I.D.s, insurance policies and credit cards. Email a scanned version of your passports and other important documents to yourself and a trusted family member. These items may come in handy if something is lost or stolen while you’re on your vacation.

You’ll also want to bring a deck of cards, a paperback book or a couple magazines for downtime. A few snack bars could come in handy for flights that run over your usual meal time that don’t offer meals. Finally, make sure you bring your phone charger because nothing will ruin a honeymoon quite like getting lost or separated far away from home without a cell. You’ll need your digital camera, the charger, and a few extra memory cards. Keep the camera bag compact, but make sure you have everything you need to record all your memories!

Leave behind

Nothing says romance like putting in a baggage claim.

There are plenty of items that never need to make it to the baggage claim.

There are a lot of things you should leave at home as well. You won’t need your computer or other items that may distract you from the person you love. You should also leave behind heavy articles of clothing and massive amounts of shoes.

You can also leave most of your makeup at home. Your partner loves you enough to spend their life with you for better and for worse. So just throw in the basics and leave the rest at home.

With jewelry, small items are great, but keep in mind that pieces are more likely to be lost or stolen while you’re away from home. Pack the tennis bracelet if you have a few, but consider a CZ or sterling silver alternative if packing the diamonds worries you. In many locations you’ll want to strike a balance between looking nice and being flashy. Too much bling can attract thieves, so leave as many valuables as possible at home!

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