Sapphire History | Magic Behind Sapphire Engagement Rings

Ever wonder why the sapphire is such a favored stone in the fashion and romantic world? You’re in luck, here’s a brief look at sapphire history!

Sapphire stone producing double refraction.

Investigating the double refraction phenomenon in a precious stone, perhaps a sapphire.

If you were born in the month of September then you’re incredibly lucky to have the sapphire as your birth stone. Although it’s fun to boast this gorgeous gem for its representation of a birthday, there are deeper roots to consider. For instance, did you know that the sapphire is actually one of the oldest stones used to represent love? Over time, the sapphire has been collected and worn by nobility all over the world because the gem is known to stand for faithfulness, truth and sincerity. This is probably why there are a number of famous sapphire engagement rings in today’s pop culture.

Bold Sapphire is a whopping 423 CT!

Magnificent Logan’s Sapphire is largest blue sapphire known to the world!

In fact, one of the most famous sapphire engagement rings belonged to Princess Diana who seemed to make the ancient stone spike in popularity once more. Sapphires are often chosen in replacement of the classic diamond, because they have a long history of associations with romance. Back in the Middle Ages, people believed these precious gems would preserve chastity. There are also myths about the sapphire in many popular religions, including those that branched from Judaism and Buddhism. However, one of the more romantic stories behind the sapphire dates back over a thousand years ago to the time of Emperor Charlemagne. Although the emperor had many wives, his fourth wife and her magic ring left behind an entrancing story. Her magic ring was crafted with two sapphires and worked to keep the King entirely satisfied with her. The sapphire ring worked so well that even after the wife passed the Emperor pined for her and never married again.

Pink sapphires show off bedazzling shine.

Scattered pink sapphire stones resonate the diversity of the stone as well as its charm.

When most people shop for a sapphire ring they tend to look for blue stones. The pink sapphire is always an excellent choice though. This sapphire is rarer and is thought to increase feelings of love and acceptance as well as forgiveness. This is why many are seeking out pink sapphire engagement rings. Of course, the blue sapphire engagement ring will always be a classic that shows off the romantic side you might keep locked away!

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