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Weddings and spring go hand in hand, especially when it comes to your décor. Here’s a few budget wedding ideas to help you save big on your special day!

Spring is such a fine time to start your life with someone else. There is just something magical about the season that makes everything seem all the more romantic. With the smell of blossoming flowers in the air and vibrant colors of the world bursting back to life, it’s hard not to want to spend every waking moment amongst the beauty.

This is probably one of the major reasons why so many couples want to plan a wedding during the season of green. Of course, all of the DIY décor options available during the season are a pretty big bonus too. Here’s 5 of our favorite ideas taken from real weddings!

Organic Spring Inspiration

It’s always great to see a couple utilize their surroundings when they plan their wedding. I’ve seen some beautiful outdoor weddings, but nothing has floored me quite like this organic spring wedding photographed by Nicole Berrett Photography and featured on the 100 Layer Cake blog.

It’s amazing how much nature can provide.

Nicole Berrett Photography

There’s so many can’t-believe-my-eyes items to see here that I could honestly ramble on for hours. The best thing is, each and every one of the items can be made by your own hands. Exciting, right? One of my favorite aspects of the wedding is the gorgeous cascading centerpieces which were made from a variety of vines and floral choices.

They also used small plants as place holders, wall décor and garnish! Another stunning décor choice was the chuppah which looks like a million bucks, but certainly won’t cost it. They draped layers of lovely white fabric over a hanging bar and then finished off the look with more of the cascading plants. Apart from their use of natural elements in the décor they also brought them into the desserts which could easily be homemade for a fair price!

The final element that sealed the deal for this gorgeous wedding was the bride’s natural bouquet which was created with hand cut roses and greenery that also matched the bride’s hair piece!

Photo Credit: Nicole Berrett Photography

Locally Sourced Food

Being green may be in fashion right now, but there’s a pretty good reason why. Who wouldn’t want to do well by their body and Mother Nature? That’s why I love the budget wedding idea of bringing the Farmer’s Market to your wedding.

An array of color pleases the eye.

William Innes Photography

When I saw the idea on Savvy Deets Bridal, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. It’s cheap, easy and covers a whole lot of ground, which means a lot less stress for weary planners. Just think about all the beautiful colors you see at your local market. Now, picture those colors displayed on your wedding day. Gasp-worthy, right?

You can even decorate based on theme, so you’re not limited here at all. For instance, keep it rustic by adding the produce to flower pots, antique items or even the display baskets from the market. You could also go with a quaint theme by placing items in tea kettles or displaying them in picnic baskets.

Let’s not forget, with all the food sitting around, you won’t have to worry about appeasing your guests with pricey desserts! If you plan on going this route then try to keep your buys in season. This will save a whole lot of money and you’ll get the freshest items.

Photo Credit: William Innes Photography

The Power of Paper Crafts

You may be surprised as to how much you can actually do with paper. I ran across Aviva and Marya’s wedding featured on For Real’s website the other day and was floored by how much of the décor these ladies made out of mere paper. It’s actually super exciting because the wedding was totally adorable and I’m sure it came well under budget thanks to these crafts.

A little TLC can make anything look amazing.

Dani Fine Photography

One of the top items I loved was all the gorgeous paper flowers. These two lovebirds used the paper flowers in their reception tent, on their cake and in their hair! They even made their bouquets out of these colorful flowers which was incredibly cute.

The thing about paper flowers is you can make them in so many different styles and colors that they pretty much work for any theme out there. These lovely ladies made theirs out of a series of pastel colors and designs which added a vibrant style to their spring time wedding.

I also couldn’t get over the pin wheels! What a great idea and so easy to make! The pin wheels were placed on the edge of the aisle which made their outdoor wedding even more fun. I adored the fact that the couple printed out their own wedding invitations, which just goes to show you can get a lot of your wedding items taken care of cheaply if you think out of the box and aren’t afraid to get a paper cut (or several).

Photo Credit: Dani Fine Photography

Floral Crowns

Veils are pretty and all, but spring seems to call for something that makes you feel natural and free. Floral crowns are a great solution to your wedding veil blues and they’re a whole lot cheaper than their expensive counterparts.

This crown couldn’t be any more romantic!

Rogue Pony

While I was browsing around for some awesome spring ideas I ran across this brilliant blog on Equally Wed. Although the website offers you locations to buy these items (which is still a cheap solution), you could easily use them as inspiration to create your own magnificent crown.

The best thing about these crowns are you can easily work with seasonal flowers or flowers from your own garden to keep the price tag extremely low. You’re also not limited too much in choice so you can work the crown around your wedding colors, or simply to complement your attire.

Photo Credit: Rogue Pony

Bundt Cakes

Alright, so it may not scream spring time but when you see the bundt cakes from Want That Wedding’s blog you’ll jump on board with me. These cakes are decorated with spring’s beauty in mind which somehow makes them look even tastier!

Cheap and easy without sacrificing taste.

Allison Harp

Personally, I can’t get over the vibrant flowers that seem to be made for each of the cakes. These lovely and scrumptious little treats can be customized to suit your theme or colors without forcing you to spend hours on them.

Best of all, bundt cakes are an exceptionally cheap option when it comes to your wedding’s desserts and you can easily produce a good number of them on your own. This makes this budget wedding idea a must-have, especially if you’re looking to splurge on other aspects of the wedding or your honeymoon!

There’s so much magic to be shared in a spring time wedding. I hope that with these five budget wedding ideas you’ll not only enjoy your seasonal wedding but you’ll save a whole lot of money on it. DIY is such an amazing way to get the wedding of your dreams while adding that personal touch that makes it feel like such a big part of you (and by that I don’t mean your savings account).

Photo Credit: Allison Harp

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