Ring Styles; Big Hands, Long Fingers | A Diamond for Every Hand Shape

When buying a ring, for yourself or someone else, there are a few things you should consider before finalizing your style decisions. One of the big ones is hand shape. Everyone has a slightly different hand shape and it can make a huge difference in regards to what looks like a good fit and what rings just look a little awkward. If you, or the person you are buying for, have big hands or long fingers this can be a really important thing to consider.

Remember, the first rule in choosing ring styles is: if it feels right to the ring wearer, it must be right. You do you. Breaking a rule can work really well sometimes and, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that the person who will be wearing it likes it.

For the sake of simplifying things a bit, we have identified three hand shape scales and ring styles that look great on them. You might have a hard time figuring out where you land on some of these scales. If you are not sure, move on to the next one. If the person you are buying for already has a ring or two that looks really good on their finger, try to think about what that ring style says about the hand.

Marquise ring

This marquise cut blue sapphire diamond ring looks awesome on people with short fingers.

The first scale is the long finger/short finger scale. Marquise or oval shaped stones can make people with long fingers seem to have even longer fingers. A round-cut stone would probably be the best option for someone on the long side of this scale. For those with shorter fingers Marquise, oval and pear shaped stones can give the pleasing illusion of lengthening the fingers. Also think about band width. Someone with longer fingers can pull off a wider band but it is probably not the best option for someone with shorter fingers.

wide band ring

This wide band diamond ring will look excellent on those with thinner fingers.

Next is the narrow finger/wide finger scale. A thick band can widen out a narrow finger while it can awkwardly accentuate a very wide finger. People with narrow fingers should probably stay away from heart-shaped or round stones and preference a smaller stone. If you have wider fingers you might want to consider a marquise style stone. You also might be able to rock a round stone in a larger setting, maybe in a cluster.

Large diamond ring

This larger than life diamond ring is a great choice for anyone with an above average hand!

The last scale is the large hand/small hand scale. This one is a bit easier, you want to go with what you have. If you have large hands, try a larger ring that matches your personality. Just because it is big does not mean the ring has to be flashy. If your hands are on the small side you want to keep your ring proportional. Also consider stones that are heart-shaped, oval, round or princess cut (square).

Whatever you do, do not be afraid to try on different ring styles. You may be surprised to find a ring that you like looks great on your hand even if it does not follow these guidelines.

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